De Vries Coldstore is specialized in the storage of a wide variety of different products. The storage capacity for non-cooled goods equals 1.300 pallet positions, whereas the storage capacity for frozen products equals 3.200 pallet positions. Besides, De Vries Coldstore also offers an availability of 100 pallet positions for cooled products, as well as a storage capacity of 27 pallet positions in the shockfreezer. Thanks to a total storage capacity which exceeds 4.600 pallet positions, we will be able to meet the demands of the customer. A wide variety of products, whether it be meat, fruit, or dairy products, can be stored at the De Vries Coldstore. Your products are stored safely in pallet positions with varying heights. The frozen products will be stored at a temperature equal to -19 degrees, while your chilled products will be stored at a temperature equal to +4 degrees. According to the demands of the customer, chilled products can be frozen to a temperature equal to -19 degrees within ten hours.

Thanks to the utilization of high-end technologies such as shockfreezing, the quality of your product can be guaranteed. Your product will be placed in the shockfreezer, where the temperature equals -48 degrees with a wind force equal to 11 in magnitude. This process ensures that the temperature of your product will be brought below freezing temperature in a very short time. Prior to shockfreezing the products, De Vries Coldstore makes use of a tilting machine, so the temperature of your product can be brought to the desired temperature despite the packing. The quality of your product can be guaranteed thanks to the sudden drop in temperature. The shockfreezer can be used twice a day, which brings the total capacity of the shockfreezer to 54 pallet positions per day. De Vries Coldstore can also provide support in terms of packing. Besides sealing pallets with our wrapping machine, the products can also be labelled according the wishes of the customer. We can also take care of the logistics of your goods by using our own trucks and vans.

When you store your goods at De Vries Coldstore, you can be sure that your goods will be stored with the greatest care. The photo and video shown below will give you an impression of the entire process as described earlier on.